OCS Inventory MSI Installer (Should be noted it’s saved as a PNG, rename to .zip)

MD5SUM = 31dd95795f92e65c073f85fdaa717fe8 ocs_inventory_ng-102rc2v3.zip

This file can be unzipped to a shared folder and use with Active Directory GPOs to install OCS Windows agent. There are a few tweaks required first.

The Files within the zip file:
OCS_Inventory_NG-1.02RC2v3\Program Files\OCS Inventory Agent\admininfo.conf
OCS_Inventory_NG-1.02RC2v3\Program Files\OCS Inventory Agent\service.ini

Should be edited to your network. admininfo.conf should be your TAG name set to the same as that in the service.ini (it can be blank though), and the server settings for your OCS Server (port also) should modified in both locations. It’s possible you don’t need to set it in both but it works for sure this way.