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I finally got around to updating the code with all the changes that have been running on the main project this was initially written for. So just a quick update to say added in some actually monitoring code rather than just examples. Can now monitor and restart (using event handler functionality in Nagios):

* Directory Services
* Jabber
* Mail
* Netboot
* Print
* Quicktime Streaming Server
* Software Update
* Web

Services on an Apple Server… it has to be the actual Server edition though. Send comments, suggestions, general grief and mayhem.. HERE 🙂


Just a quick post to make public a new library I’ve been working on (based on the initial work of Andre LaBranche). The code is distributed under the LGPL and I hope it proves useful to someone. It was written about a year ago when, to put it plainly, my Python skills where not exactly awesome, so at some stage it’ll be getting a rewrite and tidy up. Anyway to get it head on over to:

Google Code