If you are looking for hosting and you live in France make sure you have a .fr email address if you go with OVH. Apparently they’ve had a lot of non French residents signing up for space on the French part of their site, when they are supposed to be in France. Sorry what now? Not for the first time in France someone has thought maybe I should get a .fr. Perhaps we’ve been unlucky and got some particularly idiotic people. It’s not like when signing up for a yahoo.fr email address, for instance, I need to report to the local police station and present my passport, 5 letters showing my French address. It’s not a postal address for goodness sake.

OVH needed a French postal address (fine), a French mobile number to send a verification SMS (fine, and verified last night), and a French bank card. All good. But because we used a .co.uk email address they stopped the order. See you later OVH, clearly business is not something you need. There’s more than one RPS/VPS hosting service out there and the requirement the helpdesk person said where I send a photocopy/fax of passport and bank card with details blacked-out for security and a possible wait of 3 weeks(!!!!) forget about it.

Next year at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival “OVH Provides Decent Service” 😉