This Guide Is Depreciated!!!
Please visit my company website where there is an in-depth install.

OrangeHRM is a Human Resource tool for all sorts of HR things, which I’m sure is great… I have no idea how good it is, but an install was required, I had to install it, and the docs to install it are aweful. They mainly assume you are using AMP, on Windows and are very unclear as to what’s actually required. On Ubuntu you need:
sudo aptitude install apache2 mysql-server-5.0 php5 php5-mysql

If it’s a fresh install make sure you use a root password for mysql, go grab the tar.gz file from their website and extract it somehwhere temporarily. It’ll extract a file and a directory

  • orangehrm-2.4.2
  • orangehrm-quick-start-guide.html

Move it to /var/www removing the digits at the end.

Then all you need to do is go to http://you_server/orangehrm and follow the on screen Wizard. If you are getting blank screens like I was (Thanks for that PHP) it means you likely forgot php-mysql like I did. Oops. It should have been obvious, but Apache logs gave no errors and PHP gave me blank pages… 😩

PS: It looks very flash. Perhaps worth demoing to Finance/HR people if your company has a 90s application that still live on ! Its even got commercial support and a bug tracker built in which can submit bugs back to OrangeHRM.