If you followed my instructions to get the Plugin Architecture on Gutsy running you would have ended up running a “Middle Distro Deb” (Yes I made that up…no idea what you’d call it) of Cacti 0.8.7a2. When you do upgrade to Hardy they actually ended up switching to 0.8.7b due to some security fixes and improvments. Not a problem…

When you do the Distro Upgrade it’ll carry on like usual, next time you go to the Cacti web frontend it will do the upgrade process like usual. Now this is where you get a minor error:

[Fail] ALTER TABLE `graph_templates_item` ADD INDEX `task_item_id` ( `task_item_id` )

[Success] ALTER TABLE `data_input_data` ADD INDEX `t_value`(`t_value`)

Have no fear, the error occurs becasue when you did the upgrade from 0.8.6j (Gutsy’s version) to the 0.8.7a2 release it already too place. If you don’t believe me use MySQL’s command line util to view the indexes of that table with:

show index from graph_templates_item;

The Plugin Arch will need to be repatched over the code, which I’ll update ASAP.