Very much old news now, but the shenanigans with ISO certification of OOXML and the loading of ballots, corruption at the heart of a standards body and basic disregard for genuine fair play are very well summed up in this recent Groklaw Article HERE. As it happens, from my current country of adoption, France.

But they have also finally joined the Kerberos Consortium, a very good thing, and one very close to my heart/work at the moment. Back in 2000 they were very much under severe fire for what was seen then as a attempt to modify/adapt and cripple Kerberos interoperability with the main standard. But finally they have seen some sense and joined with all the other major players. Read it HERE.

If only all stories could be like the second rather than the first, it is to our own detriment if we do not force them to be, by lobbying our local governments to investigate other options and vote with our own wallets when we buy a PC (Take an EeePC or an Ubuntu Dell Machine).

Mono-cultures in nature and in IT ecosystems are similarly bad, when there is no choice the market/gene pool stagnates and we lose out.