Read an interesting if somewhat far fetched research article published on the BBC. Aparently RAM can retain data for 10mins to several hours (if cooled to -50c).

The Link to the BBC Article:

To bypass this I hearby suggest to BIOS manufactures (And I put it here in a “prior art and you can’t claim it as a patent”, think “Patent Pending” by Homer in the Simpsons when he notices the ex-con is around for dinner with Marge) add a function where-by the OS at the end of it’s shutdown process can call the BIOS to wipe all RAM to 0s and flip them to 1s a few  times wiping memory. Not being a Hardware designer maybe there is something that would prevent this but I can’t see what it would be.

Maybe something for the OpenBIOS guys to implement ?

I suppose the rule applies, beware of suspicious looking individuals with tanks of liquid nitrogen on thei backs ! 😀