I get my internet via Neuf Telecom here in France. During a recent upgrade I discovered that my router now had a new totally open/unsecured SSID of “neuf”. Anyone using this can get free internet from my connection. These users are totally walled off from my network (assuming no code problems!) and can do whatever they want. It seems folk in the UK will be getting a taste of this soon.

It does make me wonder, what happens if someone downloads child pornography, breaks into a banks computer or even downloads copywrited material over my connection. Am I liable… hardly !? Is it a sly way for Telcos to protest to the obligation of having to keep records for over a year…..they’d be rendered pretty useless with an open access point.

Anyway it’s a very good idea in my opinion (assuming my neighbour hasn’t got the Police racing to arrest me as I write this), the internet should be as freely/easily accesible by whoever as possible (I’m not condoning illegal practices) although I wish my neighbour had it before I got internet and I could have just leached off of them ! *sigh* 😉